"We spreken spaans vanaf de eerste les"

Conversation course: Ted talks & news in Spanish

TED talks and articles

This is a new course for advanced-level Spanish students who want to discuss current topics based on listening to podcasts and watching inspiring TED talks.

What are we going to do?

This course is designed to be student-centered, so you will receive articles and TED talks in Spanish to examine at home, and with my help, together we will all work to prepare interesting discussion questions for class. As part of the preparation for class, I will help you develop your writing, listening and speaking skills. During class, we will discuss the articles and/or TED talk with activities created by Elisenda and fellow students in the course.

Starting date: 14th of September
End date: 23rd of November
Free date: 19th of October
Day and time: Wednesday from 20.30h until 22.00h
Minimum level of Spanish: B2-C1
Number of lessons: 10 lessons of 1,5h
Price: €290
Number of participants: 3-6 participants

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