"We spreken spaans vanaf de eerste les"

We speak Spanish from the first lesson!

Why learn Spanish by Elisenda? 

  • maximum 6 students per group
  • personal approach
  • native teacher with more than 25 years experience
  • focus on conversation
  • interactive, playful & filled with cultural activities

Spanish lessons in Amsterdam Oost

Do you want to learn real Spanish? Watch the video and discover Elisenda's method to learn Spanish

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Do you want to learn to speak Spanish this summer?

We start the 10th of July!

Maximum 6 students per group, so more personal attention than in other group classes!

Interactive, playful & filled with cultural activities in and outside the class!

Check out the New Rosters!

Visit an exhibition and speak Spanish!

Do you like photography? Have you ever heard about the Spanish photographer Carlos Pérez Siquier?

Join me the 21st of May from 10.30h until 12.30h!

We will do a fun activity in Spanish at the musem. 

El rincón de Elisenda

March 2023