"We spreken spaans vanaf de eerste les"


Each level consist of 4 courses of 10 classes of 1.5 hours where new topics and conversational skills are trained. How quickly a student is able to assimilate the contents of the course depends also on the students, on their capabilities and their dedication in terms of self-study. Elisenda will always adapt the course to the rhythm and the interests of the students.

START LEVELS: Beginners - Beginners Plus - Elementary - Elementary Plus

A1 Level from European framework reference

The students will speak Spanish from the first class onwards.  After finishing this level, the student will be able to maintain a basic conversation about/ personal information, family, describing people, likes and hobbies, daily routine (present), food, restaurant language, the city and giving directions, home and locations, past experiences (present perfect and past tenses), future plans. 

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INTERMEDIATE LEVELS: Intermediate 1 - Intermediate 2 - Intermediate 3 - Intermediate 4

A2 Level from European framework reference

Upon completing this level the student will be able to maintain a conversation regarding his past life or the biography of a famous person (pretérito indefinido), the description of a house, renting or buying a flat, describing a person, talk about present actions (to be with gerund), asking for permission and asking for favours,  characteristics of a person, speak about travel experiences using (preterito perfecto/pretérito indefinido), explain a recipe, give their opinion on leisure time activities, cinema, theatre, music, going to the doctor, compare past time periods with present (preterito imperfecto), speak about special moments in their life (preterito perfecto, indefinido and imperfecto), give instructions (imperative), express opinions about publicity, speak about future and probability (future imperfecto). 

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PRE-ADVANCED LEVELS: Pre-advanced 1 - Pre-advanced 2 - Pre-advanced 3 - Pre-advanced 4

B1 Level from European framework reference

After finishing this level, the students will be able to speak about past experiences using 4 past tenses (present perfect, indefinite tenses, past perfect), speak about leisure time, health, hypothetical situations and giving advice (imperative/conditional), express feelings and wishes (present subjunctive), describe objects, character descriptions of people and personal relationships, make hypothesis and express opinions and complaints (indicative/subjunctive).

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ADVANCED LEVELS: Advanced 1 - Advanced 2 - Advanced 3 - Advanced 4

B2 Level from European framework reference

Upon finishing this level, the students will be able to speak about hypothetic situations in the past, express wishes and make suggestions (past subjunctive), express conditions (past perfect subjunctive), publicity, use of pronouns, literature, uses of the subjunctive to express the beginning and the end of an action in the future, mass media, idiomatic expressions, express feelings or emotions, reproduce the words of others.
The contents of this level are always adapted according to the special needs of the advanced students within a group.

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C1/C2 Levels from European framework

The contents of this level will depend on the needs of each student in terms of grammar and vocabulary nuances.

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Spaans Spreken bij Elisenda can organize courses and personalized assessment for those students who wish to take official exams in Spanish that are organized by the “Instituto Cervantes”.

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