"We spreken spaans vanaf de eerste les"

Workshops for Secondary schools

“Masterchef of Spanish cooking”

Interactive workshop to get familiar with some of the most typical Spanish dishes. During the workshop, the students will prepare a few dishes in groups of 3 or 4. Also, the student will learn about the origins of these dishes. The workshop will be organised in the form of a Masterchef contest, where they will have to accomplish several language and culture-related activities. The best team wins! 

“Treasure hunt in Amsterdam”

The students will have to battle in groups by accomplishing tasks in the center of Amsterdam. In order to do so with success, they will have to communicate in Spanish (reading, writing, and speaking). The activities will be related to the different places the treasure hunt wil lead them to.
During the activity the students will communicate with Spanish persons that they will encounter on their way and they will have to take pictures and make videos. The best team wins a prize!

New! "Let's dance: salsa!”

The workshop starts with a game where students compete in teams about their knowledge on typical dances from Spain and South America, with special emphasis on Cuba and salsa music. The best team gets a price! After, they will learn the basic steps of salsa with a professional teacher from Cuba.

Level of Spanish and duration

Level: These workshops are ideal for groups who have been learning Spanish for at least one year. Eventually, the workshop can be adjusted depending on other levels.
Duration: 1,5h-3h (depending on the workshop)
For more information, contact Elisenda.

Comments from some of the students who took part at these workshops


"The workshop was a lot of fun because the organizers were all Spanish. We had to put in practice the theory that we had learnt during the past 2 years. The cooking was very nice because of the difficulty. At the end of this day, I felt like I  had been in Spain for a while"(Chris, Christelijk college, Ermelo)

"It was a very fun and educative day. I learned how to prepare paella. The day after, I prepared paella for my family. Our group won"(Alec, Christelijk college, Ermelo)

"We learned to memorize the ingredients. We did a lot of little tests in Spanish. We learned how to prepare different Spanish dishes. It was very educative and fun. Also, I got to know more about the tortilla de patatas"
(Anneroos, Christelijk college, Ermelo)

Treasure hunt in Amsterdam

"It was fun to talk to strangers, in that way you learn a lot of Spanish"
"The use of instagram as a tool was nice and the game with the clothes a lot of fun"
"We were told to speak Spanish during the whole day, you learn a lot in that way"