"We spreken spaans vanaf de eerste les"

Business Spanish trainings

Why take a Business Spanish language course?

In order to communicate well in another language, it is not only necessary to speak the language. A Spanish course for business offers the possibility to learn the language and the most relevant cultural aspects in order to achieve professional success within a specific work context.


The objective of the classes is to offer a program that is adapted to the needs of the company and the participants, where the students feel that they are learning useful strategies to communicate in Spanish in their daily work situations.

For this reason, it is essential to count on an experienced professional in Spanish teaching for business that has the following skills: dedicated, active, professional, flexible and receptive.

The working method: 4 Key points

  1. Orientation.  A first interview is held with the company in order to find out their specific needs and the objectives that they wish to achieve in the course.
  2. Intake.  A personal interview is carried out with each participant that includes written testing, oral as well as a needs analysis.
  3. Evaluation of progress.  An open dialogue is always maintained between the participant and the trainer in order to clarify any doubts, adjusting course objectives and the pace of learning.  At the end of the course a final report will be given to the companies showing the progress of the student during the course.
  4. Quality control.  During the course the participants will receive 2 questionnaires for evaluation.  One will be given at half term and the other at the end of the term, in order to ascertain the level of satisfaction and to help to assess the teaching staff.


The duration and intensity of the course will depend on the specific needs of the company.  The shortest course for Business for Spanish language is 15 classes of 2 hours per class.

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