"We spreken spaans vanaf de eerste les"

Course roster

Here you will find the new groups for the courses starting the 8th of April. If you have another level or specific need, do not hesitate to contact me; I always try to adjust the rosters or create new groups according to the wishes of my students.

Not sure about your level? Contact Elisenda or join the free try-out lessons with tapas on the 22nd and 23rd March.

Roster - Spanish spring courses 2024 

Level ERK Start End Day and time
Beginner  A1.1 08-04-2024 24-06-2024 Monday
Beginner  A1.1 10-04-2024 26-06-2024 Wednesday
Beginner (55+)  A1.1 10-04-2024 26-06-2024 Wednesday
Beginner Plus A1.2 08-04-2024 24-06-2024 Monday
Beginner Plus 55+ A1.2 11-04-2024 27-06-2024 Thursday
Elementary 1  A1.3 09-04-2024 25-06-2024 Tuesday
Elementary 1 A1.3 10-04-2024 26-06-2024 Wednesday
Elementary 2 A1.4 11-04-2024 24-06-2024 Thursday
Intermediate 1A A2.1 10-04-2024 27-06-2024 Wednesday
Intermediate 1B A2.1 10-04-2024 27-06-2024 Wednesday
Intermediate 3 A2.3 11-04-2024 27-06-2024 Thursday
Pre-advanced 1 B1.1 09-04-2024 27-06-2024 Tuesday
Pre-advanced 3 B1.3 11-04-2024 24-06-2024 Thursday
Advanced 1 B2.1 10-04-2024 26-06-2024 Wednesday
Perfeccionamiento 2 C1.2 23-04-2024 09-07-2024 Tuesday

 What can I expect?

  • Courses are at teacher's home in Plantagebuurt. And now also at another location in Derde Oosterparkstraat 
  • If you are on holidays, you can follow the course via Zoom from wherever you are.
  • Professional lessons with a communicative and game-based method in a relaxed and cozy environment at the teacher's home.
  • Elisenda's videos, activities from the book and online games of Spaans spreken for homework.
  • Every course period you can enjoy a cultural or social activity with other students of Spaans Spreken bij Elisenda. 
  • If you still have doubts after the lesson, you can always contact us!

Very small groups: maximum 6 students.

Number of lessons: 11 lessons of 15h

Price (group 4-6 students): €300

Spring week holidays: from the 29/04/24 until the 03/05/24

Other holiday days: 9th May and 20th May (catch up lessons on the 10th May and 24th May).

Book Aula internacional Plus Premium + Free access to Campus Difusion for one year: €38 - €40 (valid for 4 courses)

 How can I register?

Directly via the website or you can join the free try-out lesson with tapas on the 22nd and 23rd of March. In this free lesson, you can try Elisenda's interactive and game-based methods.

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