"We spreken spaans vanaf de eerste les"

Course roster

New groups starting the 14th of January 2019. If you have another level or specific needs, do not hesitate to contact me; I always try to adjust the rosters or create new groups adapted to the wishes of my students. 

Not sure about your level? Come to the free try-out lesson with tapas on the 4th or 5th of January.

Roster Winter 2019:

Level EFR Start End Day & time
Beginner A1.1 16-01-2019 03-04-2019 Wednesday
Beginner A1.1 17-01-2019 04-04-2019 Thursday
Beginner Plus A1.2 14-01-2019 01-04-2019 Monday 
Elementary A1.3 15-01-2019 02-04-2019 Tuesday
Elementary A1.3 15-01-2019 02-04-2019 Tuesday
Elementary Plus A1.4 15-01-2019 02-04-2019 Tuesday
Pre-termediate A2.1 17-01-2019 04-04-2019 Thursday 
Intermediate A2.2 14-01-2019 01-04-2019 Monday
Pre-advanced 1 B1.1 16-01-2019 03-04-2019 Wednesday
Serie "Apaches"
B2  7-01-2019 04-04-2019 Thursday

Number of lessons: 11 lessons of 1,5h

Number of students per group: 3 - 6 students

What does it include?

Activities inside and outside the class

- Notebook of Spaans spreken, tea or coffee and cookies

- Professional but informal and cozy lessons at the teacher's home

Price: €275 

Book, Aula 1 internacional: €25 (valid for 4 courses)

How can I register?

Directly via de website or you can come to the free try-out lesson with tapas the 4th & 5th of January. During this lesson you will experience the interactive and game based method of Elisenda. 

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